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Sometimes it’s nice to meet up with girlfriends for a little impromptu getaway. Fortunately, beautiful Annapolis is only a short drive away. I love walking these charming streets and popping into local businesses. This time around, I discovered a street I hadn’t been on before. It held a quaint bookstore that immediately piqued my interest. Though we were on a time constraint, I still took a … Continue reading Annapolis

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Finding Balance as a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. Are you someone who has multiple passions when it comes to your business interests or goals? Do you share all your different passions on one platform or do you have multiple? Do you have to only choose one or can you choose them all? When you’re multi-passionate, things can get confusing fast! There are two main … Continue reading Finding Balance as a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur