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Finding Your Greatness: Gold Star Standard of Success

In 2012 when Nike ran their Find Your Greatness campaign I could not have been a bigger fan. As an athletic person with northwest roots, who has spent a great deal of my youth and adult life in the hometown of Prefontaine, to say that I already had an affinity for Nike is an understatement. This campaign just took me to a whole new level. The commercials featured children pushing themselves to the max of their emotional and physical limitations; challenging the viewer to do the same. With each ad I found myself cheering the kids on, wanting give them a fist bump, a gold star or a medal for their efforts. Four years later I still use this concept as a challenge to myself and others to strive for greatness. Continue reading “Finding Your Greatness: Gold Star Standard of Success”


Let’s Groove: OPI’s New Orleans Collection

    Laissez les bon temps rouler! I’m so stoked about OPI’s new collection. A nod to my créole heritage, I can’t wait to don these fabulous colors. Of course everyone who has ever visited NOLA holds a special place for it in their heart, so créole or not, this is a collection we’ll all be coveting! My top picks are chosen based on my … Continue reading Let’s Groove: OPI’s New Orleans Collection

sphere of din - she rocks 5

She Rocks.

Ever have one of those days (…weeks…) that you have to remind yourself how boss you are? This was one of those weeks for me. Just had to remind myself to straighten my crown and rock on. I did receive some wonderful news, however, that was completely unexpected. Sphere of Din is a February Feature! Now that rocks. What do you do to motivate yourself throughout the … Continue reading She Rocks.