BEAUTY | My Daily Facial Routine




This past spring I received a Fire & Ice facial from Marily at The Center for Plastic Surgery in Annandale, VA. Since I get regular facials, it wasn’t at all extreme for me, yet still provided me the benefits. For anyone looking to jump start their facial routine after a skincare hiatus, summer in the sun, or any other activity that wore your skin out, try this facial keeping in mind you might feel a little warmth and a little freeze. Continue reading “BEAUTY | My Daily Facial Routine”



Hey Y’all! Amanda here––owner of Whistle & Wild Online Boutique. Now if you would’ve told me last year that I would quit my full-time job to start up my own business…

Well, I would have probably believed you, but would still have had some major doubts.

You see, it was right after Black Friday and into the holiday season when I was working in retail management, just as I have been for many years. I loved my job, I mean really loved it. I stood with the company on so many things and besides the daily redundancy, I really had no major complaints. So why would I quit? Continue reading “WHISTLE & WILD”