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And We’re Rolling…

sphere of din - hit the mark

About a year ago I watched a movie that changed my perspective on low budget films. I was moved to laugh, consider, aspire and, for the latter part of the film, cry. Honestly, I tried to find something wrong with the content, but I couldn’t. Now, it has become one of my most frequently recommended films.

The movie? Courageous.

Unlike this film, other faith-based films caused me many an eye roll, deep sigh, and face-searching around my family’s living room to see if anyone else was struggling through the movie as much as I was. Needless to say, I had written off faith-based films.

But then I watched Courageous and was moved so deeply that a spark of hope was ignited. I wondered if this was a singular occurrence or if filmmakers elevated their production on faith-based films.

Then, earlier this year I received a discount for a Redbox rental and saw a movie whose synopsis read like a rom-com. I decided to go for it. I was shocked! The movie I chose, The Song, turned out to be a faith-based film! It was so relatable that a non-believer could watch and enjoy. I was so impressed and thought:

What other films are out there that are equally as captivating?

It was at this point that I decided 2015 was going to be the year that I started to intentionally watch faith and spirituality based films. And there would be two ways and a tactic that I would go about it. The tactic––watch every one like a documentary so that I could appreciate the art and message. The first way to apply this tactic was to scroll through Netflix and see what was available. Not much.

The second way was to catch all of the new releases in their opening weekend. Truly, it was news to me that so many actually made it to the big screen. (Don’t read that last sentence with your holy eyes! No one told me, so how would I know?) I figured, whether or not I enjoyed the film, I’d do my part to prolong its presence in the theater for the unknown viewer who needed its message.

So I began this personal project. And, sure enough, after a few screenings something magical happened. I started to discover films that were actually…good. Now I was fired up! And I’m still fired up! That’s why I will share my reviews of Christian faith and spirituality based films right here on Sphere of Din. 

What can you expect from my reviews? Honesty. You know those folks on American Idol who don’t need a record deal, but their friends lie to them and tell them to go on the show anyways? Yah, I’m not that friend.

With an appreciation for the art of the movie, the understanding of the message the project was created to convey, and the caution not to dismantle something that could potentially free someone up, my reviews will be informative, positive in their honesty, and relatable to readers from all walks of life.

You’ll be able to utilize my reviews to see if a movie hit the mark, then decide if you want to see it. Of course you’ll share with your family and friends so it’s not another 3 years before they find out about movies like Courageous.

And we’re rolling…

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