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BE MOVED | Miracles from Heaven

When a little girl falls 30 feet down a hollow tree and lives to tell about it, you listen.

In the adaptation of Miracles from Heaven, a true story of faith and healing written by Christy Beam, we encounter a family with audacious faith. Their resilience is steadfast on God’s faithfulness which they come to know first hand during the most trying experience of their lives.

The film takes us quickly into a season of hospital visits and desperate actions to find a cure. Throughout this time, young Annabel (Kylie Rogers) who has been diagnosed with a fatal condition, not once loses her faith. What’s more is that she shares her faith with others––not claiming healing on earth, but complete trust in God’s plan.

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One of the main components, I believe, to a faith based film that hinders its success is authentic character portrayals. Like many, I am an appreciator of the arts and to lose authenticity in regards to a character completely stifles my interest in the story.

In Miracles from Heaven, acting was on par from everyone. The Hollywood scoop will focus its attention to Jennifer Garner and, honestly, rightfully so. Garners performance was deeply compelling. I believed every choice and emotion she relayed. As a mom, there’s no doubt she took this role with the utmost intention to give justice to Christy Beam––a mother desperate to make her daughter well again. In fact, not since Alias have I seen her so captivating and determined in a role.

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Fortunately with impeccable casting, the performance quality didn’t end with Garner. From the Anna’s schoolmate, Billy (Brandon Spink), to the doctor (Zach Sale) who initially rolled his eyes at Christy Beam only later to swallow his pride, each landed great moments that would have otherwise soured the authenticity of the scene. One of the most intriguing performances came from Eugenio Derbez who played Dr. Nurko. Absolutely hit the mark with his performance. And, what’s great is that you realize this is what real children at Boston Children’s Hospital get to encounter. Praise God!

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While everyone gave solid performances, I’ll save my commentary and recommend that you go watch the film. On a musical note, however, stand by to see Third Day (and Harvest!) as the church worship band playing chart toppers such as “Soul on Fire” and “Your Words”. See the full cast>>

This film was well-funded which prevented any holds on quality production. In addition, the story was real which makes it appealing to a wide range of audiences regardless of where they are in their faith journey. (Hint: Invite a friend!)

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For me, I found it poignant to see this film during Holy Week, the week preceding Resurrection Sunday (Easter) which serves as a remembrance of Jesus’s sacrifice. (Ladies, mascara on top lashes only on this one.) There were also a few “God winks” that I was glad to catch (Fire Department #8 and jersey #8) and I wonder, if at all, these meant something to the Beams.

If you’re still wondering if this is a faith-based film hit the mark and is worth spending your hard earned dollars on, let me give it to you straight:

One liner: “They’ll get there when they get there.”

Hit the mark: Yes.

I took advantage of Regal Cinemas $5 movie Tuesday at Potomac Yards. Click here to find a showtime near you. Share your thoughts with me in the comments!

Grateful for miracles everywhere. Everyday.



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