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One liner: “It’s amazing what a born again bass player and a night club singer can do.” –Pastor Brian Houston

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I never thought I would sit in a movie theater and sing, but it happened. In fact, it was encouraged.
‘Let Hope Rise’ is the highly anticipated film about the journey of Australian worship band Hillsong United. Highly anticipated because it was slated to release in 2015. Over the course of a year, fans waited anxiously as the film was passed from one production company to another until Pure Flix (God’s Not Dead, Woodlawn) scooped it up and gave it an official release date of September 16.

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The documentary tethers between the band’s worship performances, service outreaches, and archival clips. Although billed as a ten member band, it includes interviews that offer a sneak peek into some of the band members’ daily lives. One of whom is Taya Smith whose voice was made distinctly popular from Oceans. She responds, “So much different with the joy factor,” when talking about life and music with Christ as the focus. Another member spotlight was on Joel Houston who pens most of the music “waiting on the breath of God to inspire something,” and is also a founding member. The lead pastors of Hillsong church, Brian and Bobbie Houston, are also featured.

Its culmination offers a new perspective on “the biggest band you’ve never heard of” (Jad Gillies), as this world renowned worship machine is uncovered and settles at a place of relatability. Audiences learn of United’s sacrifices, compassion, and responsibility as they lead millions in worship everyday.

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‘Let Hope Rise’ will attract mostly fans of United, yet will certainly appeal to anyone who is interested in documentaries. Particularly those with an affinity for music. Opening weekend brought in $1,435,154 according to BoxOffice Pro. I’d say, that’s a lot of hope rising.

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If you’re still wondering if this is a faith-based film hit the mark and is worth spending your hard earned dollars on, let me give it to you straight––

Hit the mark: Yes.

––Danielle DuCré

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