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Soul On Fire

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Over the summer I found myself at Woodstock.

As you can imagine, it was real laid back. Country. I, on the other hand, donned my sequined 8 tee, feather ear cuff, and heels. Horse stables or not, I was ready to rock out!

Oh. And to clarify, I’m talking about the other Woodstock. The one in wine country Virginia. Definitely a terrain I was used to being from central Washington, complete with an experience that I couldn’t be more grateful for.

For starters, leaving DC to see a concert normally isn’t necessary. In this case, however, my friend Colin from church payed a blessing forward by giving me 2 sets of tickets and meet-and-greet passes to see one of CCM’s favorite bands, Third Day. (Road trip!)

I was able to share this blessing with one of my best friends, Maci. And although it was a trek, the 2-hour commute allowed our conversation to be full of life and, of course, many, many laughs.

Coming into the stadium, we were thrilled to discover we had third row seats, which in this particular venue meant close enough that lead singer Mac Powell’s mic wasn’t necessary. Peeking around, I took in the sight of 2,000 others who were just as excited to be in Woodstock, lifting our voices together.

Experiencing God move in that place was awesome. And this award-winning band had no difficulty setting the stage. The gents even invited worship singer Harvest Parker to join the show. She has such a beautiful voice, and it really came through on “Song of the Lamb” which she penned. Fortunately, someone recorded it. Take a moment to watch here. (The camera operator has a shaky hand, but soon enough you won’t even notice.)

Remember I said there were two sets of meet-n-greet passes and a lot of laughs? I had the opportunity to offer the additional passes to our seat neighbors. While I watched their faces light up I thought, man, Colin really blessed some folks tonight!

Making our way towards the meeting location, we of course had a queue to observe. While standing there, Maci and I got to thinking. What could we do to shake up our meeting experience? The results are below: a photo taken by Mac and one decent “usie” chosen from several off-centered, out of focus photos of us laughing hysterically.

sphereofdin - maci peterson - photo by mac powellselfie with third day

We truly did laugh all the way home and I chuckle looking at these photos now. David, Mac, and Mark were great sports, and their relatability, musicianship, and hearts for His kingdom leave no wonder as to why they’ve been leaders in their genre for many years, and we pray many years to come.

Watch a clip of “Soul on Fire” by Third Day below. Then shout out in the comments if you’ve seen their tour (or look forward to) and where!

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3 thoughts on “Soul On Fire

  1. Third Day is my favorite Christian Band!! I have been so blessed to actually see them 15 times in about two years in NY, PA, OH, MD, GA, NC, & SC!! Their music, especially the new Lead Us Back album feeds my soul, and my life has been enriched because of them and their music. Their song Offering is my life song and I really enjoy Thief as well! :) Glad you were blessed to see them too.

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