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Stand Up


Breathe in give it everything you got
Heart beats like a drum
Make the wheels mover faster
Burning like a candle at every end,
It’s not all for nothing, it’s a means to an end

Stand up and make is matter
Stand up and say it louder
Listen to you heart and make it stronger
Stand up stand up stand up

Keep your head in the game
Don’t let nothing stand in your way
When you feel heavy
Look up and turn a corner

Taking the easy way out won’t get you anywhere
Knees to the ground saying a prayer
Stand up

I love these lyrics from Robin McKelle’s latest single Stand Up. They are so empowering and timely for me right now.

And truthful! Feeling confused and weary is only a distraction to where we need to keep our focus. We have to humble ourselves daily to say a prayer so that we keep (or re-) focus. If you know in your heart that you’re are supposed to do something––particularly that thing you can’t stop thinking about––then keep going hard after it. Keep striving.

The video concept, portraying both grace and strength, is a perfect compliment. If this is what we can look forward to from The Looking Glass, I’m all in.

Read Robin’s Pledge Music interview about the process of her new album here. Pre-order a signed copy of The Looking Glass here.

Standin’ up,

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