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Standing in the Light

I love NBC’s The Voice.

Recently, I read an article that Season 9 winner Jordan Smith’s album was released in a record 3-months, which was by far the earliest out of all previous contestants. Even though I am a fan of the show, I didn’t realize all the behind-the-scenes action (or inaction) that revolves around launching these artists’ careers. With so many great singers, I figured record labels would be drooling at the idea of using this show as a free scouting service. In reality, however, it appears that the promo for winners is slim to none. And come to think of it, I have personally purchased many singles from Voice contestants, yet only two albums. (Three if you count Mycle Wastman, but I purchased his music before his Voice appearance.)

I wondered with curiosity: Why Jordan? Then I discovered who was behind producing the album and it began to make complete sense.

Now there have been many Christian contestants on the show, many of whom are destined to a career singing and performing. So can this moment be described as perfect timing? Maybe. With Jordan’s pitch perfect, round tone, producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel), the couple behind Lightworkers Media Company, were compelled to say now.

Listen to Stand In The Light above and you’ll know why it’s important to have a voice like Jordan’s spreading a message of hope in the industry and, ultimately, the world.

You can download Jordan Smith’s album “Something Beautiful” iTunes and Google Play.

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2 thoughts on “Standing in the Light

  1. Great little spotlight on Jordan. I, too, enjoy watching The Voice (not just because Adam Levine). It’s great to see Christian artists welcomed in this forum.

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