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Walking Like Giants

Life seems like an uphill battle…

I hate to admit it, but I’m not in a favorable season right now. Since I’m an observer, I’ve been spending time stepping back and trying to recognize the differences between spiritual warfare and rainy days. It’s pointless to accept being overrun, because that’s not the truth.

Truth is, I’m fighting from the victory which means––wait for it––I’ve already won.

You know this; I know this. So, I’m naming it. A season I don’t prefer and anxiously (literally) waiting for it to be over. I just know that I’m being built up for something great. My skin is getting tougher every day, and there are more realizations to look forward to during these ups and downs.

This song “Walking Like Giants” by Stars God Dim is to me like “Gonna Fly Now” is to Rocky Balboa. (One-two punch at the top of the museum steps!) It reminds me of that victory and who gave it to me. And then, I’m untouchable. Bad attitudes, raised voices, unkindness, and lack of support from people will not derail me. Whatever comes my way, because of the Spirit inside me, I’ll be walking like giants.

What are you fighting from the victory today?

xo Danielle


lead vocals: Chris Cleveland (piano, writer) | bass: Antjuan Robinson (background vocals, writer) | drums: Josh Roach (background vocals) | guitar: Kyle Williams (acoustic and electric, vocals, ukulele) | mixer: Sean Moffitt | additional mixer: Warren David | producer: Casey Brown (additional keyboards, drums, producer, synthesizer, writer) | A&R administration: Jamie Haymes, Nicole Curtis | A&R manager: Spencer Nohe


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2 thoughts on “Walking Like Giants

  1. Amen, sista! Nothing like a great encouraging song to turn your day around. And when you feel like no one supports you, just remember you got a friend in me.

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