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Summertime Romance

All we need is love. For many weeks, we’ve been guarding our hearts and holding our breath, weary of the next disappointment to unravel on our television screens and Twitter feeds. But we know deep down that we cannot forget about love. Love trumps hate, after all. That includes relationships and “Summertime Romance” from JOHNNYSWIM reminds us of that. The tune is both lyrically heartwarming and scoop-your-date up groove-worthy. Open a window, let the sun shine on your face, and press play on this record.

I know we’re growing up and life is rough
But love at any cost is a bargain.
It’s quite the bargain.

‘Cus you and I made alive a paradise
Of a summertime romance.

And since we’re talkin’ summertime love, swoon over how the couple met here. (Yah, the “so she asked me how much time I had, and I figured the rest of my life would suffice” line got me, too.)

I gotta listen to this band live. You should, too! Find a tour stop near you. Then, check back here for more inspirational adventures.

xo | Danielle

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vocals: Amanda Sudano Ramirez, Abner Ramirez (guitar) | *additional details will be added once available

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