sphere of din - i manicure for beads opi - day

I Manicure for Beads

As you know, I love OPI nail lacquer. I’m pretty consistent with my color choices as well which is why it comes as no surprise that I love these colors from the new New Orleans collection. I am making my way through my top picks and decided to begin with I Manicure for Beads.

While I usually prefer to do my own manicures––precision and all–– I decided to treat myself yesterday and get my nails done at Divine Nail Spa in Arlington, VA. Love the color!

sphere of din - i manicure for beads opi - day

sphere of din - i manicure for beads by opi nola collection lg

sphere of din - i manicure for beads opi - night

This shade is very similar to Ate Berries in the Canaries which is one of my all-time favorite OPI nail lacquers. I will definitely revisit this color in the spring. A perfect compliment to blooming tulips.

If you’re in the Arlington area, I recommend Divine Nail Spa. I spoke with the owner before, during, and after my service and was so impressed by his intentional effort to stand out from the umpteenth corner nail salon. I watched how he and the staff made sure the environment was welcoming and clean, meanwhile engaging in conversation with the guests to ensure their experience was first-rate. My technician was Ivy and she was sweet.

Another key selling point for me was that the salon was odorless. This is huge. Extremely healthy and above par than many other salons in the area subjecting customers to the toxins. Of course, this is my first experience, but I feeling it will not be unique to my second and third.

So, which color should I try next?


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