sphere of din - love is in my cards 4

Mani Monday | Love is in My Cards

Bonjour Février!

It makes complete sense that I would come across this nail lacquer now. Don’t you think? Well, let me tell you, Valentine’s Day has nothing to do with it!

I came across this color at Sally’s Beauty Supply, and while I usually keep my rouge to my lips, I’m so glad that I didn’t pass this one up! It’s blue undertone deepens the rich hue, and it compliments my brown sugar complexion perfectly. (OPI is always good to me as my other favorite red, Coca-Cola Red, is from them too.)

While my interest wasn’t prompted by the month of love, I certainly wouldn’t mind entertaining the idea.

sphere of din - love is in my cards

sphere of din - love is in my cards 4

New month also means new read. I’m still wrapping up my January read, The Circle Maker, but will dive into #GIRLBOSS as soon as possible. I look forward to it being both entertaining and informational, and above all inspirational. Of course, only time and a couple hundred page turns will tell.

sphere of din - love is in my cards 3

Have you read #GIRLBOSS yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

xo Danielle

book | lacquer: Love is in My Cards by OPI

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