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Snow Bird

sphere of din - snow 1

sphere of din - snow 2

sphere of din - snow 3

sphere of din - snow

sphere of din - snow 4

This is a shoot that I did in January last year. It definitely took braving the snow to capture, but it was both fun and rewarding. I love the creativity that went into it.

My look blended warm and cold weather pieces. In fact, my blouse has hummingbirds on it. (Looking forward to seeing those again come Spring!) While it’s not a typical Winter outfit, it inspires a creative process for building a look using what was in my closet.

Truth be told, Winter is the hardest for me to find “warm” outfits for. I’m just not inspired! Instead of multiple layers, I’d rather be in thin threads embracing the Summer heat. Which is why blending pieces here––and partnering with another creative for a fun shoot like this one––definitely bridges the gap to inspiration.

What inspires you to create your #lotd?

xo Danielle

blouse: Tramp | boots: Fergalicious | coat: Tahari | hosiery: Victoria’s Secret | skirt: One love. | socks: Urban Outfitters

photos | The Chrystalain Creative

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One thought on “Snow Bird

  1. It’s funny you talk about this, because I actually have had SO much inspiration on possibilities of layering pieces that I own lately. But sadly (not really sad lol) I’m not able to experiment since I’m hot! So I guess I’ll just live that part through photos of others!
    xo dré


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