Spring Nail Trends on Repeat

Last year—around this this time, in fact—I traveled to the Middle East to visit one of my best friends over spring break. Knowing that I would be on the go and without my home manicure tools, I had my nails geled so that way they’d stay chic for my two week vacation.

Above are my nails from spring 2015. I wanted both a unique design and bold color, and this was the result. (Nail tech, Oahn, was very patient with me as I instructed, “one line here…two lines there”!)

Now, taking a look at this year’s spring nail tends, I’m seeing a lot of similarities.

sphere of din - spring nail trends 1
photo | Big Bang NYC 
sphere of din - spring nail trends 2
photo | Pinterest
sphere of din - spring nail trends 3
photo | Essie
sphere of din - spring nail trends 4
photo | Pinterest

So the trend is back. Fashion always repeats itself; this just occurred a little faster than I expected. As trends are called one, even two seasons in advance, it could be that it caught on late.

Or that for once, I can celebrate being early. Happy Spring, everyone!

xo Danielle

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