Respect. Empower. Include. Though every concern and demand couldn’t be met, no voice was considered unvalued. I have never seen a push for more bipartisan partnership than with you. It was and still is a thread in all of your messaging. And it’s admirable. You’ve respected differences in opinion, even when some of those opposites did not respect you.  You empowered us by telling us … Continue reading [100 DAYS] DAY 8: RESPECT EMPOWER INCLUDE



Hey Y’all! Amanda here––owner of Whistle & Wild Online Boutique. Now if you would’ve told me last year that I would quit my full-time job to start up my own business…

Well, I would have probably believed you, but would still have had some major doubts.

You see, it was right after Black Friday and into the holiday season when I was working in retail management, just as I have been for many years. I loved my job, I mean really loved it. I stood with the company on so many things and besides the daily redundancy, I really had no major complaints. So why would I quit? Continue reading “WHISTLE & WILD”

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On the Road to Reclaiming “Curly Sue”

I decided to chop the mess out of my hair almost 6 months ago. I looked in the mirror at my straightened, thinning-out, heat-damaged, lifeless locks and just said no more. No more fear of raindrops and humidity. No more smelling my hair burn as I pressed it with a flatiron on the daily. No more spending $500 on so-called “natural” keratin treatments. Just no more. Continue reading “On the Road to Reclaiming “Curly Sue””