There’s something to be said about taking time to appreciate this gift that is earth. That something is this:

There are so many distractions in the world that pull focus from the gift that it truly is. Despite all of the commotion, I know there’s beauty in the chaos and it is my passion to explore it. At a very young age I was hopping around, discovering new sites and cultures as my parents swept my sister and me from place to place. This is one of those blessings that keeps on blessing, if you what I mean.

Novaturient. The Travel Bug. Bitten.

Whether it’s in my backyard or across the globe, one of the most fulfilling experiences is learning about the rich cultures that inhabit this earth. There is a time and place to travel like a tourist, but the key, I tell you, is to act like a local.

Only at this time is daily life revealed––the humility of people, their humanity––and authentic interactions occur. Of course there will be many experiences that will not allow a complete incognito travel experience, but leaving naiveté at the hometown airport is the second step. The first is checking here for tips and recommendations.

And, let’s be honest, best places to eat!

Be my travel buddy as I venture to new locations and return to my favorites. I invite you to interact by sharing your own experiences, recommendations, or questions in the comment section below.

Making connections.

xo | Danielle

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