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[100 DAYS] DAY 16: C O L L E C T I V E

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Dear President Obama,

The collective voices want to say: Thank you!

Several Americans have taken to social media to create pages expressing their gratitude for what your administration accomplished and sought after these past eight-years.  Take Facebook pages, for example.  Some are small (84 likes or less) and some are quite large (200+). No matter the size, let me tell you, there are several!

Here are a few Facebook pages that caught my eye. Enjoy!

Our president is a wonderful man, father, friend, humanist. Thank him for all the awesome he has done. #ThanksObama!” —@thankspresobama

These four: @obamathanks @thankspresident @thankyoubarack @thanksbarackobama

“President Obama has served admirably, over his two terms as President. As he prepares to leaves office, say thank you as you see fit.” —@forevermypresident

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A song dedicated to your Presidential legacy! @thankyoumrobamamrpresident

That’s not all, check out this team dedicated to Say[ing] Thanks, Obama.

Last, and hopefully not least, one special one from yours truly.

Thanks, Obama [100 DAYS]:

President Barack Obama’s legacy of hope and unity should be honored and upheld. America looks so much different after his 8 years in office and it’s only been a mere two-months since our last election. President Obama mobilized this country to unify and now the very thread of our core and all the progress the Obama Administration brought us to is being tugged.

I refuse to stay silent and allow a great leader to think for even a moment that his leadership was invalid or fruitless.

Join me by commenting on the posts that resonate with you the most. Together we can say, “Thanks, Obama.”

This event will run from Friday, January 20–Saturday, April 29, 2017.”

You did a lot of good to garner this response. For that, the collective says: Thanks, Obama!

xo | Danielle

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