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Window decal outside of the Charlotte, NC office. 2008.

When I took a leave from my job in 2008 to work on President Obama’s first presidential campaign, naturally there were several things running through my mind.

One being would my job really hold my position for me?

I was a recent University of Washington graduate and trying to make my way onto the corporate ladder. I say onto because as an employee of Nordstrom, I learned that they truly valued individuals who worked their sales floor first.

The thing was, at the time I accepted the position in Charlotte, I had only been with Nordstrom for three months. In most cases, taking a hiatus from a job that early certainly was not a good look.

As it is in my nature, I have always been a team player, leader, provided excellent customer service, and gone above and beyond my assignments. It was my hope that in three months one, if not all, of those traits had shown through to the Nordstrom powers that be. To my favor—America’s favor—apparently they had.

My favor because as I noted in Day 2 of Thanks, Obama, it was one of the best experiences of my life.

I note America’s favor because while I was the individual making the move, sending me off with encouragement and a guaranteed role to come back to meant that I wasn’t the only one who felt the hope this campaign had generated. At the very least my direct manager felt hopeful and was not only giving her blessing but her vote and contribution.

That’s what the power of good-willed hope does. It draws all of us together to move forward and benefit together.

President Obama, you did that.

I am sure many more of my fellow Obama Alumni can relate to my experience. And those who were the encouraging employers to Lauryn’s. Because like Lauryn, these employers were a part of the movement, too. The win was theirs, too.

For giving us sound reason to adopt this hope, I say….Thanks, Obama.

xo | Danielle

Below is the correspondence I shared with my manager:

Subject: Recently…

Lauryn, good afternoon!

I wanted to personally inform you on a recent decision that will be taking place in my life. Two days ago I decided to take a leave from Nordstrom and accept a position working with the Obama campaign in Charlotte, NC. Despite a flood of resumes that have made their way to campaign managers, my name was passed to them and I was hand picked to join their team. This was a definite shock to me because it was something that I never thought would be possible, yet something that I had placed in high regard since my volunteering with the campaign this past February.

The opportunity presented itself quickly, and the decision followed suit. I will be in Charlotte for one month, then return to Northgate and my pursuit of growing my business and future career at Corporate. I appreciate all of your guidance and encouragement thus far, and hope to find it when I return. I’ve been fortunate to have the support of team members, and am exciting to bring a stronger, more enriched-self in November.




Re: Recently…

Oh my Gosh, that is soooo exciting!!! I totally support this. Please help Obama win this election, we need him. All the best to you. I know you will do amazing things.

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