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sphereofdin.com - 100 DAYS THANKS, OBAMA - Charlotte Office Night
In 2008, this was my home away from home—early mornings, late nights.

Sometimes we can have a love/hate relationship with a place.

For me, I could be extremely tired and want to go home and sleep in my own bed, but “home” was 2283.1 miles away in Seattle. Instead, a couple of us “Westside Crew” folks would run over to BoJangles to pick up a to-go bag of processed sustenance which afforded us a brief moment of fresh air, change of scenery, and ultimately, so we hoped, fresh clarity on next steps and strategies. (It also provided me several extra pounds in the long run, but that’s neither here nor there at this point.)

But, alas, this was home. Day and Night. Night and Day.

And all the pounds gained, sweat shed, soles worn down, keyboards pressed, pages printed, phone calls made, and conversations had, they were all worth it.

For you, perhaps, you could be so tired and want to walk the familiar neighborhoods in Chicago. Vent to Mrs. Obama or your other buddies at one of your favorite restaurants in Hyde Park. Flat spend more time with your girls! Not that you wouldn’t still be on call for 24-hrs anyways, but at least you’d have familiarity to recenter yourself.

I suspect we both continued in our work because we were inspired to make a positive change to our communities and their future states. Our cohorts motivated us when we were feeling sluggish, and we encouraged them when the road looked too arduous to continue. And since we’re both ball players (much better in our younger years, of course) we straight don’t like to lose!

Can you imagine that you inspired all of this?

Can you?

photo | Pete Souza
photo | Pete Souza

So, think of this temporary home fondly, but rest easy.

I am sure the memories of those walls were as enamored with you as you were with them. That the house staff, like many in this country (including these fine folks) and around the world, have dubbed you the Best President Ever, and for good reason. That little boys who saw themself in you will continue to work hard because you said it was possible for them to achieve their dreams if they did so. And that little girls saw you promote women on numerous occassions on the most prominent of stages so that they, too, can achieve their dreams.

Yes, think of this temporary home fondly, but rest easy knowing that you captained an unsteady ship and guided us through rough waters. Day and Night. Night and Day. You deserve it.

Thanks, Obama.

xo | Danielle

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