Westside Office. Charlotte, NC.
Artist Dave Kinsey created this poster “UNITED” because he believed in what we could do together with you at the helm. All proceeds were donated to your campaign, Forward.

Respect. Empower. Include.

Though every concern and demand couldn’t be met, no voice was considered unvalued. I have never seen a push for more bipartisan partnership than with you. It was and still is a thread in all of your messaging. And it’s admirable.

You’ve respected differences in opinion, even when some of those opposites did not respect you. 

You empowered us by telling us that it would be up to us to make the changes we seek. Then you gave us the tools and the freedom to walk it out.

You included everyone to the table and reminded us of the grand possibilities we would achieve as a collective.

Lawyers and retail workers, teachers and actors. Folks from all walks of life poured in to get behind this message of respecting others, empowering one another, and being inclusive. Sure we weren’t perfect—and you called us out a few times when we got out of line!—but it was something we strived towards.

Our collective is still working together. Whether it be the OFAmily chapters around the country upholding your administration’s work meanwhile preparing to walk out your new agenda, or those who switched gears to partner with other political candidates running for office, the empowerment you gave us to keep up the baton for positive and progressive change is still providing much needed fuel.

As it is now, the message of inclusivity is hitting home.

I am striving to make sure I do my part in letting the “other” know that they are valued. That they are not, in fact, the “other” because they are “us”. Even if only by the bare minimum commonality: human.

That is why I am so intrigued to see what comes out of your new venture in regards to immigration and citizenship. This country needs to restore our image of welcoming the dreamer and the displaced. Their commitment and contributions only make us better. But now I’m speaking to the choir.

Your heart is for people. I both admire and am inspired by that.

Thanks, Obama.

xo | Danielle



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