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8 Must-Do Activities Before Summer Ends

sphereofdin.com - 8 must-do activities before summer ends

Summer is a great time to try something new or dust off that ol’ bucket list. Here are eight fun and easy things you can try this summer.

1. Schedule a Meet-up

How many times have you said, “We should get lunch” to someone and then see that individual a year later realizing you never had that lunch. Come on! There’s plenty of happy hours around the city and so many great fun and free events to get together, grab a bite, and catch up!

Suggestions: Chef Geoff’s (Holla at your Moscow Mule!), DC Restaurant Week, 9 Things To See and Do in Shaw

2. Write a Note

Oh, snail mail, how I love thee. Put a smile on someone’s face by popping a sweet note in the mail. You can even buy the card at the post office! Whenever I send cards, I like it to be a surprise, so try asking around to get the recipient’s mailing address. (Oh, and when you finally get it, save it in your contacts!)

Suggested stationery: Paper Source, Papyrus, Target

3. Music in the Park

It’s blazing hot outside, but summer is the perfect time to groove to some tunes en plein air. Take yourself on a date after work, or grab some friends and make it a weekend get together. (Ahem, see #1.)

Suggestions: Friday Nights in the Heights, I Love the 90sJazz in the Garden, NEEDTOBREATHESummer Spirit Festival, The Band Perry,

4. Explore Your Neighborhood

Choose your own adventure. Pick a ‘hood, any ‘hood. There’s a ton of new restaurants, pop-ups, and even several hidden gems like local historic sites to keep you on a scavenger hunt for the rest of summer.

As a proud west coast transplant, I don’t understand the concept of “we don’t cross the bring into VA.” Marylanders, play nice. There’s so much awesome in VA (at least northern VA!).

5. Visit a Museum

If you live in the DC Metro area, it’s easy to take all the historical preservations for granted. There’s so much to see, so I recommend trying one (or two if they’re in close proximity) museum per weekend. By summer’s end you’ll feel cultured and accomplished.

Suggested museums and exhibits: Frederick Douglass National Historic Site, Holocaust MemorialICEBERGS, NewseumPostSecret Revealed: A Party at the Postal Museum,

6. Become a Volunteer

Do good this summer! There are several organizations that could use your help in a variety of forms. Take time this summer to share your talent for a good cause. Isaiah 58:10

Suggested organizations: Your local church, Idealist, Veterans, VolunteerMatch

7. Practice a New Skill

Dust off the ol’ cobwebs or start anew. Build learning a new skill into your calendar and you’ll be a pro by fall. Well, maybe not, but you’ll certainly elevate your outlook on life.

Suggested resources: Rosetta Stone (check deal sites such as Groupon for discounted offers), Synetic TheaterThumbtack

8. Visit a Local Library

Start a new read. Here are some books on my reading list in case you need a little inspiration.

So, which will you try first?

xo | Danielle

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