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credit: Pew Research

They love you! They really love you!

You have been a firm, yet compassionate global leader. Your stance on improving American economics propelled us to be recognized as a country who values production and, therefore, sustainable wealth. At the same time, you reiterated the value of communication when it came to protecting human rights as nations united.

The posterity of the American people, I hope, will remain in good standing as we continue to lift and hold accountable the democratic process. As other countries see that we are aware and engaged, they’ll remember who took point for the past eight-years.

They, along with many stateside, recognize your path wasn’t easy. In fact, through efforts not your own, you walked the path of most resistance.

Every day you were demanded to ‘earn’ your place and you fought opposition like an annoying fruit stand nat. Through it all, your numbers were quite great, including those into your final months in office.

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Once in an interview, you said that you knew coming into office that all America’s challenges wouldn’t be solved, but that the goal was to leave our country better. Well, sir, I believe you accomplished that.

Thanks, Obama.

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