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In light of 44’s return to “the scene”, I figured now was as good a time as any to return as well.

And I was thinking…

I’m glad when we were kids we were sheltered from a lot of the negative chaos happening in our world. The world at large and then my immediate world that, for the most part, spanned 27.69 square miles.

In fact, as I recall, whenever there was a leak to this shelter, it was repaired almost immediately, though often still left a stain.

So what happens as we age out of adolescence into adulthood and the ability and need to shelter the kids we once were is no longer permissible?

“When we finally catch our breath, we have to make a choice on how to move forward.” 

As adults, some of us take into account all that we were sheltered from as kids like a swift punch in the gut. The wind is knocked out of us for the time being. But when we finally catch our breath, we have to consciously make a choice to pursue joy, lest it’s stolen from us for good.

Then, there are others of us who are slapped in the face by the reality of no shelter and recover vowing that we, too, shall shelter our children.

That or the slap in the face becomes a call to action and we vow never to overlook a stain again.

Still a few—so we think—of us are shaking our heads at our peers thinking, “Y’all, this ain’t nothin’ new. This has been my entire lived experience.”

So where do all of these layers leave us today?

Rather, where does it leave you? And where does it leave me?

“Should I pretend the choice to silence my lived experience for the sake of others’ comfort level is acceptable?”

Today, I imagine myself standing face to face with my now adult friends and peers, and as I gaze at them I wonder what the remainder of my adulthood is going to look like.

Do I stay in comfortable protest or do I rage?

Should I count the hours of my life building relationships as lost, or should I pretend the choice to silence my lived experience for the sake of others’ comfort level is acceptable?

Will I ever find a balance and what will I forfeit if I do?

It’s heartbreaking to navigate, yet it’s necessary.

I believe the best choice is to step into the light so that my crown can be seen better. Let it be a reminder that no comfort and leniency will be offered at the cost of my joy.

For my adult friends—current and future—who find the chaos of current events as their everyday lived experience, I’ll continue to call you into the light as well. For those who refuse to overlook the stain caused by a leak in the shelter, I call you into the light, too.

And for myself, as I try to get my wind back, even on those days when there really seems no point, I’ll continue to share uncomfortable truths and find all that brings me joy and—

Inspiration in the chaos.

xo | Danielle

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