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I’ll Drink to That

So, in 2012 I was slightly overweight, extremely tired, and didn’t know if I was coming or going. I was finishing up my Bachelors degree, working a temp-job after a 7.5 year contract came to an end, and trying to keep my family afloat. I was under pressure, over worked, and under servicing myself.

A co-worker, who used to nudge me awake in meetings, pulled me aside one day and said something’s gotta give. He told me I didn’t have to suffer the way I was. One Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead documentary later and I was ready to take control of my health. I’d always been conscious of junk food, heavy fats, and sugars, but I was not aware of self-care and its importance. He loaned me his juicer until I could afford my own and not even a crystal ball could tell me I’d land here.

One Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead documentary later and I was ready to take control of my health.

I’ll Drink to That-Fountain of Juice is a mobile juice bar designed to educate and serve my community. The idea was to make wellness available wherever it’s needed. My side of Prince William County is a food desert. Not a salad shop in sight, poor quality produce, and the smell of old fry grease circulates the atmosphere.

And juice bar! What is that, some sort of new social hangout joint? Fact is, most people don’t know what a juice bar is, and others don’t have access to one. The juice bar is my first professional entrepreneurial endeavor. The idea and processes were birthed while I was on maternity leave. I started sharing my smoothie recipes on social media and my juices with my family members. People who never had a “green” juice or heard of concoctions such as red kale, pineapple, ginger, and coconut water smoothies were not only liking the drinks but requesting me to make more and in bulk proportions. The need was evident.

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Being a healer is serious and humbling work. It’s constant research, it’s faith, it’s trust, and it’s love. Some of that is from the customer directed to me but most of it has to come from me, I have to have faith that the Creator gave us everything we need to flourish, trust I embody the power to heal myself, and love myself enough to know I’m worth it!


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Tamika “Mika Fresh” Archer is the founder of I’ll Drink to That-Fountain of Juice. She lives in Northern Virginia with her family and enjoys indulging in her affinity for hot mineral baths before bedtime.

Be encouraged to live healthier by following Tamika on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Order your juice here.



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