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Finding Balance as a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

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You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.

Are you someone who has multiple passions when it comes to your business interests or goals? Do you share all your different passions on one platform or do you have multiple? Do you have to only choose one or can you choose them all? When you’re multi-passionate, things can get confusing fast!

There are two main trains of thoughts on having multiple passions and they both hold value. The first, which is often suggested by all the traditional business and success books, tells you to hone in to one thing and focus on that.  There is a lot of advice surrounding laser like focus on one thing and excelling at it and this is great advice.

However, the second train of thought is it’s ok to have multiple passions and it’s ok to pursue all your passions. How you balance these passions this is the key to success. Too many people with multiple interests have been told, unfairly, that they will not succeed if they focus on too many things. They will become a jack-of-all-trades, but a master of none.

So is it possible to balance all your passions and if so, how?  Short answer: You have to take action in one direction or another and feel your way to what works.

Try one or all three of these steps to get you started:

  1. First identify all the topics that interest you and discover in what ways you can explore them. Are you interested in fashion, food, and fitness? Well, how about starting a lifestyle blog and writing about and exploring all of these topics under one big umbrella. Diverse interests put you at an advantage. You could be asked to present about fitness at a local school or event, or write about food for a food blog, or be showcased in an online magazine or blog for your fashion sense. Competition is increasing and specializing alone isn’t always the best strategy. Having multiple interests can give you opportunities otherwise inaccessible if you focused on one thing only.
  1. Once you have identified all your passions, decide whether one stands out more than others. If so, then you have solved your problem and you can stop reading. Just kidding, keep reading. Pick that one thing and kill it. Become known as the expert in that topic, but don’t abandon your other interests.  You can still explore other things by appearing as a guest blogger or a guest speaker (exactly what I’m doing). I have a passion for fashion among many other things, but I don’t have a fashion blog and I don’t need to. I have friends that do and are generous enough to allow me to explore our shared interests. You can do the same by partnering with businesses or bloggers who share your other interests that may not be your one main focus. Plus, it’s a fun way to build your network. Think of it this way, if you pursue one passion over another, would you regret it in five years? If yes, find other ways to pursue both. Don’t live with regrets.
  1. Finally, my favorite way to find balance and succeed as a multi-passionate person is to find a way to intertwine your passions and interests. How does fashion and fitness fit together? Well one thing that comes to mind is workout clothes and gear. What about beauty and food? How about natural and food based skin care products and makeup? Are you getting the picture?

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur myself, this is my approach. I don’t take on anything new (because I know I can’t do everything even though I may want to) unless it fits within my triangle. What is my triangle you ask? Well picture this. At the top of my triangle is my day job and main business (a law firm where I primarily practice business and real estate law). On the bottom right of my triangle is me and my husband’s real estate investments (which I only got comfortable with after practicing real estate law and learning more about it) and finally, on the bottom left of my triangle is my business blog for women entrepreneurs and my teaching opportunities around business law (I practice business law daily and it only helps me get better when I teach others). If I decide to add something else to my plate, you better believe it will have to fit within my triangle!

In what ways can you intertwine your passions so they help move you towards success?

Being a multi-passionate person is a wonderful thing and keeps us interesting. Don’t feel like you only have to do one thing. You can find a way to explore all your passions. Don’t think outside the box, just get rid of the box all together.


Synthia lives in Seattle where she is a successful lawyer, educator, entrepreneur, and author behind, a lifestyle blog for women entrepreneurs.



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