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Finding Motivation

Set your life on fire.

Seek those who fan your flames.


I can’t lie…

Moving halfway across the country, finding a new job, working only part time, trying to find new friends, and having minimal funds wrecks havoc on your confidence and motivation.

In 2015, exactly one year after moving to Los Angeles from Chicago, I was only working an average of 20 hours per week and had a whopping 2 friends in town. Technically, I had plenty of time to cook healthy foods, work out, be social, and work on becoming my best self. Instead I was starting to feel down and when one has negative thoughts (“I have been so bad with my eating” or “I’m so lazy”), one feels and acts accordingly (hello, disappointment and a bag of M&M’s)! This cycle continues in a downward spiral. These negative thoughts fuel negative feelings, which spark negative behavior. I became stuck in a rut, physically and mentally, and I knew something had to change––and quick!

sphere of din - Finding Motivation

I signed up to be a Beachbody coach at the end of July 2015, having never tried a Beachbody program (like Insanity or P90X) or taking a sip of their health shake (Shakeology). Sometimes you just need to jump in feet first! I tend to do that with scary decisions, which made me worried about failing publicly. At first, my decision was selfish and I honestly wanted to “coach” in order to hold myself accountable to a healthier lifestyle. I felt some pressure to keep up with the coaches who stayed at home and could coach full-time. I just wanted to be healthier, and if I could earn enough to pay for my shake, that would just be icing on the cake.

Thankfully, I loved the shake and I try to drink it almost every day. It’s my daily dose of superfoods and helps me to feel great, improves my digestion, and I rarely have migraines anymore. Hello! That’s reason enough for me! I always told myself that I couldn’t get motivated to workout at home or that I’m not disciplined enough to do home workouts (there’s that negative thinking again). However, once I got started, my friends and family were so supportive. More and more people started following my Facebook page sphere of din - finding motivation 2and people started reaching out to let me know that my posts had inspired them. They cheered me on and asked to join my challenge groups so that I could hold them accountable as well. My motivation took off in September when I started my very first challenge group. To date, I have only missed 1 day in posting to my Facebook page and just 3 workouts in my challenge groups, due to injury or illness.

I want to do everything I can to help my customers and challengers achieve their goals, which in turn, helps me to achieve mine! It’s a win-win and I would keep coaching, even if it were only for 1 person!

Who knew I could combine my hobbies of fitness and cooking/eating with my career choice of social work!? I like it so much that now I’m starting another page with a good friend, Erin, to focus more on the mental and emotional aspect of wellness. If my story touches you in any way, please reach out. I would be glad to share more about what I do and I would love to hear about your journey, no matter where you are in it…especially if you are stuck in a rut.


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Malena Ally is a Social Worker, hiking enthusiast, dog mama, and lover of chocolate. She currently resides in California where she stays connected with people across America as a Beachbody coach.  Stay motivated with Malena on Facebook and Instagram.


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  1. This was really inspiring to read. I know that new city, new life stress, It was zero fun trying to motivate myself out of the funk. I wish I had read this during that time in my life. Great post, Malena! I’ll have to share this.

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