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A Woman with a Voice is by Definition a Strong Woman

 “A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman.

But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.”

––Melinda Gates

Isn’t it interesting that women, who are created to carry vision and purpose, are the ones that statistically struggle with “birthing” forth those visions? Harvard Business Review led a study and the findings were interesting:

In a study of thousands of 360-degree assessments collected by Insead’s executive education program over the past five years, we looked at whether women actually received lower ratings than men. To our surprise, we found the opposite: As a group, women outshone men in most of the leadership dimensions measured. There was one exception, however, and it was a big one: Women scored lower on “envisioning”—the ability to recognize new opportunities and trends in the environment and develop a new strategic direction for an enterprise.”

Some of these studies have even come back stating that, “[Women] feel they have to choose between being seen as competent and in control or being visionary. Men speak more confidently and boldly on an issue, with very little data to back it up. Women want to have a lot of data and feel confident that they can back up what they are saying.”

Shocking, huh? There may be some truth to what the studies have found, nonetheless, I say when we dare to be powerful and use our strength in the service of our vision, then it becomes less and less important whether we’re afraid or think we’re capable. We carry something so important that it needs to be captured, pursued, and birthed. Even if it doesn’t come into fruition as we first envisioned it, the world is definitely better off because we began!

I admit there was a time I was probably one of the statistics they referenced. When I was working in the IT field, where the number of women in the industry was limited, being competent and proving I could produce the same results as my male counterparts took precedence. Now I realize that created an atmosphere of more fear than progress. In order for me to discover my purpose in life, I had to be willing to take risks and be courageous with speaking up when I had “vision” ideas rather than trying to prove my worth.

“I had to be willing to take risks and be courageous.”

That led me to leaving the field and going after the lifework that would allow me the opportunities to cast vision and see the impact of that vision come to pass. With taking those kind of steps, I soon discovered that ALL of us carry vision and destiny and I wanted to empower more of us girls to birth it forth and see dreams turn into dreams come true.





and more DETERMINED than we think, ladies!

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.

Boldness has genius, and magic and power in it. Begin it now.”


My fellow Vision Enthusiasts, Bosses, and Dreamers, being bold is only part of what is needed to fulfill our dreams. Partnering with other women is essential to seeing them come to pass. We are our sisters’ keeper! We need to pull out our pom-poms and cheer each other on! More dreams will come to fruition when we love, support, and applaud each other! It is said, “two are better than one, for if the one falls the other can help them up.”

Let’s dream big and bold! Cast our visions into the sea of possibilities, decide we will not only desire for women to be successful, but will insist on it and provide the necessary encouragement to see visions birth forth into incredible dreams come true.

I’m ready, full of vision, and got my POM-POMS! Who’s with me?

sphere of din - Kenya Bryant - bio

Kenya Bryant is based in lovely Alexandria, VA where she is an Entrepreneur, Vision Enthusiast, Dream Cheerleader, Advocate, Household COO (best job), Friend, Spiritual Gangster, and Lover of all things Chocolate.

Follow Kenya as she empowers women and their visions at One in the Oven: Women’s Business Incubator and VISION Fridays: One in the Oven Group.


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