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Monday Motivation | Be Fearless

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The thing about life is, we weren’t meant to do it alone. And I love that. Have you ever sat in a room and created with someone? Did your vision, music, or production exponentially grow because you were in a room with other creatives who supported your journey and cheered you on? Whether you’ve experienced this, or are eagerly waiting for that opportunity to, you’re in the right place.

The thing about life is, we weren’t meant to do it alone. And I love that.

Every first and third Monday, you can visit the TREND section and meet individuals who have inspired me in some way. Their infectious visions have moved me to not only share their journey, but keep pushing toward powerfully living out my own.

I’ve been honored to have their stories published here, and I’m continuously inspired by each new adventure they take on. Today I invite you to revisit or read for the first time each of their stories so that you, too, can be motivated to carry out whatever it is that sets your soul on fire.

Choose your own adventure by clicking on an image below:

Finding Balance as a Multi-Passionate Entreprenuer by Synthia Melton
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Four Fundamentals of Staying Motivated in Your Small Business by Cara Monroe
sphere of din - rebecca recant 3
Your Creativity Matters by Rebecca Recant
sphere of din - Colin Dyer - Candlefly
Drawn to the Light of Christ by Colin Dyer
Sphere of Din - Finding Motivation - Malena bio
Finding Motivation by Malena Ally
sphere of din - erin starkey - headshot
Finding Your Greatness: Gold Star Standard of Success by Erin U. Starkey, LCSW
sphere of din - i'll drink to that - mika - headshot
I’ll Drink to That by Tamika Archer
sphere of din - Kenya Bryant - bio
A Woman with a Voice is by Definition a Strong Woman by Kenya Bryant


Were you inspired by a particular article? Share in the comments below!

Do you or someone you know have something inspirational to share? Be sure to sayhello@sphereofdin.com with details on your latest project for an opportunity to be a Guest Contributor.

xo Danielle

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