My name is Sigrid. I’m the owner and founder of My Brown Doll, living in the Netherlands, 28 years old, a happy wife, and stepmother to a beautiful young girl with gorgeous hair!

On a summer day back in 2014, I played along with my stepdaughter and my Barbies from back in the days. All of these Barbies were blond, just like me. When playing I thought: wouldn’t it be great if she has something that looked like her? Something that she can identify with and would represent her beauty?

A mission was born! How great it would be if she had a doll that looked like her? Here in The Netherlands the toy stores hardly sell any brown dolls, let alone one with curly hair. We can only choose between a brown Baby Born or––if you are lucky to find it––one or two types of straight hair dolls.

“I believe that toys are important and can have an educational purpose.”

More to love | Sigrid makes the hair of the dolls. And, each doll comes with matching kids headwrap from Afro Wrap

When I open a magazine, go into a store or just look at a company’s website I see an over-representation of light skinned people, but what about people with brown skin? Just one step outside the door and you will see that the world is more diverse than only light skinned people.

I believe that toys are important and can have an educational purpose. When a child doesn’t see a reflection of themselves in daily things like toys it could give the impression that they are “different” than the rest, or worse: they are not good enough.

So when I couldn’t find a Barbie doll just like my stepdaughter, I decided to make them myself and create some sort of platform where every parent could buy what they can’t buy in a regular toyshop.

And so the idea of My Brown Doll (formerly known as My Black Doll) was born.


Since December 2014 we launched our Dutch webshop www.myblackdoll.nl and since the fall of 2016 we launched our international webshop www.mybrowndoll.com. The thing I like the most? How my customers react! It makes me happy and grateful.

Sigrid Wijngaards is the founder of My Brown Doll. She resides in the Netherlands with her husband and stepdaughter who was the inspiration to launching her business. Follow My Brown Doll on Facebook and Instagram to see how these dolls are making an impact in the lives of girls of all ages.

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