Sphere of Din - Be ANISE'D jewelry 2

Operating in the Now

Sphere of Din - Be ANISE'D jewelry 2
Ayodola wears Be ANISE’D | (l to r) Temptress, Queen of the Sea, Now You Sea Me, Rock’d, Galaxy, The Olange, and Connected

It’s been ingrained in us since we were little kids to dream big and to dream of the future. What do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor who takes care of women and babies (me at age 12). A public health professional who educates about health and health care (me at age 17). A director of an organization focused on research and improving the health of populations at risk for disparities (me a year ago, and I can guarantee you that I’m over 30). In the pursuit of my professional career, I have seen my dreams evolve, but some dreams were such deviations from my normal ‘expected’ path, that they lay dormant in the vault of my future. One of those dreams was the pursuit of a different path, a creative one of starting a jewelry business. But, perfectionism was the lock; uncertainty was the combination. Then recently, something changed. Rather than thinking about the future, I started operating in the now.

“Dear Past, thank you, for all the lessons. Dear Future, [thank you in advance for your promise. Dear Now,] I’m ready!”

At the end of 2015, I decided that I would not only design jewelry for pleasure, but that I would design and sell jewelry. My desire to push past fear, doubt, uncertainty, perfectionism, and other isms led me to focus on this very moment where a dream no longer lived only in my head and heart, but came to be in a place where my vision, my heart, and my present collided. This masterful collision allowed for the creation of Be ANISE’D.

Then recently, something changed. Rather than thinking about the future, I started operating in the now.

The “Be” in Be ANISE’D represents action and the ability to exist. It represents the present, the now, where things are occurring, taking place, happening, materializing… Be-ing. “Anise” (my last name) is Yoruba, a Nigerian language, and means one who has a mission to accomplish in the future. Put it together, wear our jewelry and feel luxurious, be inspired, be reminded to act in the now and act in a way that sets you apart so that you can accomplish your promised future.

Sphere of Din - Be ANISE'D jewelry 1

The creation of each Be ANISE’D piece begins with finding stones that are bright, unique, speak to my senses by the warmth of their color, coolness to my touch, and exude an emotion of power. The stones, all real and precious gemstones, are more than objects to me. They come alive as unique statements, expressions of wearable art and reminders of our inner boldness, courageousness, fearlessness, daringness and more. So when amber is paired with garnet, when red jade, citrine, and pearls are joined, or when Batswana agate is linked by silk thread, each piece evokes what it means to Be.

What dreams are living only in your mind, your heart? What dreams are locked in the vault of your future, ready to be opened…now? What is it that you have put off until the future that is escaping your open eyes, being missed by your extended finger tips, and left unattended in your mid-stride? What is your now and what are you waiting for? Why not try something new? Why not Be bold, Be courageous, Be daring, and try Be ANISE’D.

Sphere of Din - Be ANISE'D jewelry 3

Ayodola Anise lives in Alexandria, VA and is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Be ANISE’D. She is also by training a public health professional with experience in health research and policy, and by creative nature an avid salsera, a fiction writer, baking enthusiast who makes a “get you drunk off one slice rum cake.” View the collection at www.beanised.com, and email Ayodola with purchasing requests at ayodola@beanised.com. You can also follow us on Instagram.

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